Beanie can I request 'They Come Home From War And Surprise You'

I’m assuming this is a reader/member request? Sorry, love, but Beanie doesn’t do those (though I wish she did) :c There are plenty of blogs out there who do write those though, so feel free to send them an ask! Sorry again about that!

- xoxo, tophat.

I really love your drawings and errthang yall do and idk hi and um yall really do make my day and DHWILSNSGWKSNGJKL idk what else to say but yeah :)

I’ll be sure to pass on the compliment to Fedora and Beanie! It means a lot to us for you to leave this message so thank you very, very much!

- xoxo, tophat.

It’s that time of year again!

I’m about a month into college and things are getting really busy again- which is why I haven’t been on very much. Fedora will be starting her year soon as well.

Basically what we’re saying is that we’re going on a semi-hiatus again :c I’ll try my best to update but no guarantees! Until next time, stay beautiful my little ducklings!

IM5abulous outfits: (10/?)

Cole + two oranges probably.

IM5abulous outfits: (9/?)

Gabe + this shirt.

don’t keep me waiting now.

thank you for the gifset of the boys car washing

you are very welcome.

- xoxo, tophat.